The world’s leading manufacturer of small asphalt machines

After 30 years of experience, the last 10 as CEO of several companies of a world-famous Italian group, Gaetano Castiglione decided in 2017 to start an entrepreneurial activity focused on the design of road paving machines. He tells us about the history and the services of C.M., of which he is the current CEO.

Where did the idea to create C.M. come from?
«The idea was born during a meeting with Engineer Giovannini, a great designer of asphalting machines, who presented me with some very convincing innovative projects of his. So I decided to buy a company already active in the sector, mainly in the field of subcontracting and assembly, and to acquire the know-how and expertise of the engineers. At that point we started to develop the machines».

What does C.M. offer?
«The industry is largely dominated by four multinationals in the large machine segments. That is why we decided to work in a niche not covered by the market leaders. We produce small machines for asphalting sidewalks, cycle paths, alleys, trenches for laying fiber optic cables, all areas that previously required “manual” asphalting by operators. We have produced a range of five vibratory paver machines, a complex technology that allows precise asphalt paving. They are all different from each other, two are electric and others are diesel powered. We were the first in the world to introduce these machines, and we are very proud of them. Because they are quiet and non-polluting, they are particularly suitable for working in sensitive areas such as underground parking lots, near hospitals or schools, and in LTZ areas. The greatest interest has come from Northern Europe: first the Scandinavian countries, then the Netherlands, Germany and, of course, Italy».

Today the company has about 60 employees and is located in Conselice (Ravenna), where two adjoining factories have been built. One of them houses the carpentry and the numerical control department. The other is used for the assembly and testing of vibratory pavers. In fact, the machines are completely built “in house” to keep the quality of the products under control. The company is ISO 9001/2015 certified and is rated by CRIBIS at the highest level of reliability (Class A). The sales network is developed through road and earthmoving machinery dealers in Italy and abroad.

What makes you stand out in your industry?
«About two years ago, the leading manufacturer of road and agricultural equipment, the German company Vögele, which is part of the John Deere Group, showed interest in marketing our products through its extensive distribution network in every country in the world. This interest made us proud and led to the signing of a worldwide exclusive agreement that binds us for the next four years. This encourages us to continue to invest in innovation in the near future. Another strength is the “time-to-market” or the ability to develop new projects in a short time, thanks to the specific preparation of our R&D department and the traditional organizational “flexibility” typical of Italian companies, among others».

C.M.‘s future is proudly marked by innovation: the prototyping of an asphalt paver powered by a hydrogen engine, which is known to be non-polluting, will be completed by 2025. In addition, the adventure of electric propulsion will continue, as well as the study for the introduction of self-learning robotization elements to be applied on the machines of the near future. There is no lack of “research” into the needs of the earthmoving market of the next decade, with the intention of approaching other segments of the industry. A path that will continue with responsibility and respect for the customer and the environment.

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